Cross-connection control (CCC) programs are necessary components of a well-designed and safely operating water supply system. A well-run CCC program coordinates the efforts of regulators, water providers, water customers, and backflow prevention installers / inspectors to maintain compliance.

Utilizing today’s latest technology, Universal Cross-Connection Control (UCCC) seamlessly automates cross-connection control administration. We provide surveys, installation notices and prevention testing notices on behalf of the water provider. Backflow inspectors and installers are allotted an efficient and convenient submission method to record customer compliance within the CCC program.

Our Mission

To integrate the efforts of water providers, water customers, and service technicians to safeguard the drinking water supply by providing industry-leading cross-connection control and backflow prevention compliance programs.

Our Vision

To provide the simplest, universally acceptable cross-connection control administration solution in the water industry.

Our Values

Customer Service Integrity

Clean, safe drinking water for your community!
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